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Wage and Career Overview: Information Technology Majors

Career News September 14, 2014

Those that major in information technology can assume one of several career options, including database administrator, computer systems analysts, or information systems manager (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). In May 2012, the average annual salaries ranged from $79,120 to $129,130 for those three job positions.

Career Synopsis

Students enrolled in an information technology (IT) major can pursue a range of career options. Whether educational institutions or large corporations, many companies rely on the use of computer systems and technology to accomplish their objectives. IT majors are taught how to collaborate with teams in creating, sustaining, and maximizing the efficiency of computer systems used in businesses.

Strong growth and good prospects are predicted for IT-related jobs, including computer systems analysis and information systems management. There is a wide fluctuation in annual wages, which vary with the particular area of concentration. After identifying the area of IT they prefer to pursue careers in, IT majors can pursue the educational avenues necessary for the completion of these specific job responsibilities.

Career Choices

An IT professional can choose from a long list of career options, including computer specialist, database administrator, informational technology director, computer systems analyst, and computer and information systems manager.

An optimally efficient computer system depends on various tasks and components for its creation and maintenance, and information technology majors can opt for specialization in any of them. Job and wage outlooks vary with the particular career that is chosen.

Job and Wage Outlook: Computer Systems Analysts

The head of an organization may have computer systems analysts report directly to him or her; alternatively, these professionals may report to a computer and information systems manager. Different groups may have widely varying desires and needs for their computer systems, and the discovery and implementation of viable technology become easier thanks to the presence of computer systems analysts.

Analysts work with both actual users and managerial staff in determining the system’s needs. A plan for a system is then put together, and a series of tests and checks are performed to ensure that it is both time- and cost-efficient as well as all-encompassing. On the approval of their plan, the implementation and error correction of the plan is overseen by these experts.

In May 2012, computer systems analysts earned an average annual wage of $79,680. A faster than average growth rate has been predicted for computer systems analysts over the 2010 – 2020 decade (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Job and Wage Outlook: Computer and Information Systems Managers

Leadership roles are often performed by computer and information systems managers, and these roles involve the management of other IT professionals and the direction of the flow of the IT department of an organization or company.

These individuals have to decide on the staff and equipment that the IT department needs; they also have to maintain the hardware and software needed in making the system work. A favorable job outlook has been predicted with average growth expectations over the 2010 – 2020 decade (BLS). In May 2012, these professionals banked an average annual wage of $120,950 (BLS).

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