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College Majors: Telecommunications Overview

Majors Overview January 9, 2013

Telecommunication employees play an integral role in delivering digital, television,telephone, and internet services to customers across the United States. There are various training programs relating to telecommunications, the coursework differs according to the occupation a prospective telecommunication professional seeks to pursue. Students seeking an entry-level position can complete an undergraduate degree program majoring in telecommunications. In this article, we will discuss the various steps a telecommunication student can take in order to pursue their career.

Education Requirements for Telecommunications Majors

A high school diploma is considered sufficient educational qualification by many employers of telecommunication majors; this is in addition to hands on training (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Aspirants to certain professions in the telecommunications field are required to have a degree; these include professional, managerial, and repair and maintenance jobs. Given the rapid changes in the industry, telecommunications professionals are required to update their technological skills through continued education and training; such programs are offered at training centers and community colleges.

Those completing a Bachelor Degree program in Telecommunications usually pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) while some look for additional training in a related minor specialty area such as mass communications, computer science or information technology. Students enrolling into these degree programs will be able to satisfy education requirements relating to careers in telecommunication applications and theory. Coursework includes multimedia, audio and video production, apart from industry and business practices. Students also learn analysis of multimedia presentation through the employment of critical thinking. A bachelor degree program includes coursework that covers various topics such as telecommunications internship, policies and regulations in telecommunications, research methods, statistics, computing, interactive communications systems and mass communications systems.

Continuing Education

Once students complete their bachelor degree course in telecommunications, they will need to focus on continuing education, if they want to improve their career option. Coursework in the Master of Science (M.S.) in Telecommunication program includes public policies training, regulations, and management and technical courses. Coursework for students who have been admitted to a graduate certificate program or a master degree program will include participation in telecommunications project for hands on training.

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